Play in our Bingo Cruise Contest to win the journey of a lifetime


Are you ready for the journey of a life time?  Then set sail with us and join the Titan Bingo Cruise contest for your chance to win one of three exclusive, all-inclusive £12,000 bingo playing holiday packages. Destination – the Caribbean!


This dream vacation begins in Miami, and continues on to Cozumel (Mexico), the Cayman Islands, and finally Jamaica, before docking back in Miami.  Beyond fabulous sight-seeing, you will be partaking in exciting bingo tournament play, with a prize total of $80,000 just waiting to be won.


Having started on January 1st, 2010 and ending on June 30th, the contest is almost halfway through, but it’s not too late to enter.


So what do you have to do in order to get aboard the infamous Bingo Cruise?


It’s simple.  Just purchase as many tickets as you can for our special Bingo Cruise games. The top 20 players at the end of each month (i.e. those with the most togel singapore games purchased/played) are then entered in the Titan Bingo Hall of Fame, thereby earning you the right to compete head-to-head with other top winners in the final play-off game this June.


The game schedule to qualify for the Bingo Cruise is as follows: from 10AM – 11AM in the Cloud Nine bingo hall, 2PM – 3PM in the Velvet Lounge, 6PM – 7PM in the Royal Court, and 9PM – 10PM in the Barmy Club.




Play Ultimate Fighters for the ultimate slot playing win


At Titan Casino, we love it when a player wins big, and that’s exactly what Francesco D of Italy did on March 17th when he won €83,340 playing Ultimate Fighters.


This slots victory not only made Francesco D an additional €83,340, it also earned him the honor of being listed on our exclusive Winners page, alongside other players who’ve recently hit the jackpot.


Ultimate Fighters, if you’re not yet familiar with the game, is an online slot machine with a street fighter theme.


While most online slot machines are fairly similar in terms of play (differing mainly in terms of the number of reels, paylines and/or bet sizes), what sets Ultimate Fighters apart from the others is the terrific graphics – particularly the images on the symbols, which become animated when you win (hopefully you’ll be able to see that for yourself soon!).


The fighting characters featured on the symbols include a purple masked woman, a man with braided hair, a rather large sumo wrestler, a geisha girl, a blond commando, a hooded ninja, a bearded boxer, a karate kid, and a wise old master. The bonus symbol is a golden Buddha, while the scatter symbol is a dragon emblem.


Of course reading about it can’t possibly do this action-packed slot machine justice. You’ll just have to fight for yourself (i.e. play) to get a real feel for the game.


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