What are the Chances of THAT Poker Hand cbetcasino.fr ?

What are the Chances of THAT Poker Hand cbetcasino.fr ?



oker rooms generally use software algorithms – typically based on the computer’s clock – to generate 52-card ’shuffled’ decks. This, however, does not come even close to representing the outcome of real-world shuffles.


In real life, there are 52! (that is,

10,783,978,666,860,260,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 . . . give or take) unique shuffles possible. That’s 10.8 novemdecillion.


Online, however, several factors reduce the number of possible shuffles. A 32-bit processor, for instance, is limited to generating 32-bit seeds . . . only 4.2 billion of them. This is a considerable reduction from the above figure. 64-bit processors can generate 18.4 or so quintillion unique numbers, still a far cry from a human dealer.


The useage of a system clock to seed a number sequence further reduces the number of possible unique shuffles; there are only so many milliseconds (just over 86 million) in a day.


Cigital, Inc. noted the above, and – taking an algorithm widely used less than ten years ago – showed not only how limited online shuffling was at the time, but was itself able to repeatedly predict which of the limited card shuffle sequences was in use for any round if five cards were visible.


Muffy, it would appear, had a point.


Card Dealing Terminology: The Flopping Turn on the River can Make Your Day


This is the second article in a quick series to describe the terminology or slang that has been created to name the cards dealt during Texas Hold ‘em. (To see the first visit Card Dealing Terminology: The Burning Cards Flopping in Your Pocket)


A Quick Review: No Burns in our Pockets

Previously we learned that The first two cards dealt would be the Pocket cards followed by a disposable Burn card which brings us to our next term, The Flop cbetcasino.fr


The Dealer Flops Three Cards in a Row

The dealer has cleared the air by burning the top card and its now time to deal the flop. The dealer’s deal is that he or she must deal the next three cards face up in the middle of the table. These cards are referred to as The Flop and they belong to all players. The players will start to use these cards and the next two cards as their actual and final hand. Unless they can bet their way out of a mess. Following the flop another round of betting commences starting with the player to the left of the dealer.


Don’t Spurn the Turn

Less Grand than a flop and not half as warm and cozy as your pocket cards, the dealer now unceremoniously deals The Turn card sometimes this card doesn’t even warrant its own special name and its just another card dealt. This has to be the most maligned card of the Texas Hold ‘em hand. Again following this card another round of betting as any remaining players anxiously await to see if they will make their hand. Many a smart player will already know the answer to this question and will work to aggressively make it not worth the while of any remaining players to chance it and find out if the lady of luck will appear on . . . .


Tomorrow, we will take a look and see if anything is floating in The River!



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