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Fifa World Rankings r Qq Poker Online May 2008



The top fifteen teams are unchanged in this month’s Fifa world rankings.


Argentina are still top followed by Brazil, Italy and Spain. England remain in 11th place, despite a friendly defeat in France, Scotland stay at 15th and the USA remain in 21st.


With Euro 2008 to kick off in June, of the 16 teams taking part 15 are in the top 50, the only exception being co-hosts Austria way down in 101st position.


Italy are the highest ranked at 3rd, followed by Spain 4th, Qq Poker Online Germany 5th, Czech Republic 6th, France 7th, Greece 8th, Portugal 9th, Netherlands 10th, Romania 12th, Croatia 13th, Sweden 23rd, Turkey 25th, Russia 25th, Poland 27th, Switzerland 48th and Austria 101st.


The closeness of the ranking shows what a tight tournament lays in store. We are putting our money on Italy.


Weekend Tips / A Lazy ‘Worst Of’ Compilation


Saying goodbye to the football season is very much like giving birth to a ginger child: after nine months of optimism, hope and anguish, you’re left with a genuine feeling of disappointment.


The final day is often emotional. Who could forget Arsenal pipping Liverpool to the title in 1989? Well sadly, my old man. In fact, if you see a small befuddled pensioner roaming the streets, you’ll be better off avoiding football trivia altogether; senility is no picnic.


I’m absolutely devastated that I have to work on Sunday as the drama unfolds. The gaffer has offered me double time and a day in lieu though, which I’m reasonably happy with; but it hasn’t gone down too well with Louise.


Lou hasn’t been this upset since Liverpool were beaten by Chelsea in the Champions League semi-final. Liverpool supporters are like Paul McCartney on his …

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