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How can you fold AK chericasino.net ?



I am finally back – I had a physical hard drive failure on Sunday last week and I haven’t had my computer since then. Good thing Steve enjoys posting, otherwise this place would be pretty boring…


Anyways, I’m back and I have a short story about a hand that caused quite a bit of controversy in my room.


Max and Adam are the roommates of Steve and myself – we all play poker a lot and we’re all decent poker players, but we disagree sometimes on strategies in certain situations. For example – Adam and Steve think I play flush draws too loosely in tournaments, Max and Adam sometimes get annoyed with my loose preflop play (only when I hit things, though), and sometimes we tell Steve he overplays the hands he is likely to be a coinflip on. Whatever, it’s good that we disagree because it forces us to think more.


Here is one of our disagreements –

Max was playing in a tournament and he was dealt A[hearts]K[spades] on the 2nd or 3rd hand. Someone moved all in, Max folded his AK, and Steve and I went nuts. Adam defended Max’s play and Max explained that he didn’t want to risk his whole tournament on AK.


Steve and I asked “Why the hell not?!” It’s the 2nd hand of the tournament, there are 2 hands that have him in huge trouble (AA or KK) and he has a few hands his opponent is likely to have dominated (A10-AQ). Anything else he’s a coinflip or better. Why not risk your tournament on AK this early? Check out – chericasino.net


It was a $5 tournament, he had no information on this player, and he stood a good chance of doubling up and being …

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