Teen Poker – A Craze Sweeping Across America

The rising popularity of poker based TV shows such as “Celebrity Poker Showdown” is attracting a whole new a breed of poker player.

“All my friends play Texas Holdem” says Mike, a teenage high school student from New York. A recent survey suggests Mike is correct, a lot of high school students are taking up the game of poker for fun and sometimes cold hard cash. The survey found only 1 from every 30 high school students did not list keluaran hk as a past time.

Erik and John are brothers and two other teen poker players, they meet up with friends every night in the basement of their home for their regular game of Texas Holdem. As many as 11 others would join them at times, playing around a covered pool table.

“Erik’s made $1,500 off these games in the last 6 months” John states, he goes on “If you’re playing for fun and not for money, then the game isn’t as good”.

Experts believe parents should show caution over their children and poker. Beth Schwartz, supervisor of the treatment program at St. Vincent’s Hospital’s Gambler’s Treatment Center says “We’re seeing more and more youngsters. Statistics have shown that the younger they gamble, the more of a problem they might have later on.”

Some parents believe small wagering is a helpful way of teaching their child basic math’ and the value of money. Whilst any poker player will tell you this is certainly true, during the “poker boom years” with the number of gamblers increasing each day, any problems amongst teen poker players may not be noticed for some time yet.

If you suspect your child has a gambling problem, visit the National Council on Problem Gambling at www.ncpgambling.org

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What are the Chances of THAT Poker Hand cbetcasino.fr ?



oker rooms generally use software algorithms – typically based on the computer’s clock – to generate 52-card ’shuffled’ decks. This, however, does not come even close to representing the outcome of real-world shuffles.


In real life, there are 52! (that is,

10,783,978,666,860,260,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 . . . give or take) unique shuffles possible. That’s 10.8 novemdecillion.


Online, however, several factors reduce the number of possible shuffles. A 32-bit processor, for instance, is limited to generating 32-bit seeds . . . only 4.2 billion of them. This is a considerable reduction from the above figure. 64-bit processors can generate 18.4 or so quintillion unique numbers, still a far cry from a human dealer.


The useage of a system clock to seed a number sequence further reduces the number of possible unique shuffles; there are only so many milliseconds (just over 86 million) in a day.


Cigital, Inc. noted the above, and – taking an algorithm widely used less than ten years ago – showed not only how limited online shuffling was at the time, but was itself able to repeatedly predict which of the limited card shuffle sequences was in use for any round if five cards were visible.


Muffy, it would appear, had a point.


Card Dealing Terminology: The Flopping Turn on the River can Make Your Day


This is the second article in a quick series to describe the terminology or slang that has been created to name the cards dealt during Texas Hold ‘em. (To see the first visit Card Dealing Terminology: The Burning Cards Flopping in Your Pocket)


A Quick Review: No Burns in our Pockets

Previously we learned that The first two cards dealt would be the Pocket cards followed by a disposable Burn card which brings us …

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WPT Smackdown – Qiu Qiu Online Terpercaya



You can safely assume that any company even remotely involved in a federal investigation is probably a bad investment. Or can you? I’m Qiu Qiu Online Terpercaya not so sure anymore. Yesterday, The New York Times Co. (NYSE: NYT) reported that U.S. marshals seized $3.2 million from Discovery Communications, broadcaster of the World Poker Tour, which is 80% owned by Lakes Entertainment (Nasdaq: LACO) .


The cash was part of a payment made to Discovery by Tropical Paradise, a Costa Rican casino operator that runs a very popular online poker room. In exchange, Discovery was to run a series of ads during WPT broadcasts. Some of the ads ran late last year but were quickly pulled, contractually entitling Tropical Paradise to a refund. The U.S., however, contends that airing such ads is illegal, giving it grounds to seize the money.


To be sure, this is quite a mess, but there may be good news. Certainly not for Tropical Paradise or Discovery. But the publicity may help Lakes Qiu Qiu Online Terpercaya continue to build its WPT brand , which may lead to more licensing deals and related products.


Indeed, this is an area where Lakes has excelled lately. Anheuser-Busch (NYSE: BUD) , for example, has claimed the official beer of the World Poker Tour. And two weeks ago, Lakes inked deals to put the WPT logo on playing cards and chips, in a video game, on T-shirts, and to adorn an entire casual sportswear line. There’s even a WPT scratch-off lottery game planned, which could fit nicely with Lakes’ “World Poker Tour All-In” casino table game, which has already been adopted by one California casino.


But surely there must be some damage from Qiu Qiu Online Terpercaya this imbroglio, right? Yeah, it’s not good …

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