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FIFA should Togel Hongkong move to Denmark



Shakespeare was wrong:

There is nothing rotten in the state of Denmark.


At least that is my impression from traveling around the country at the UEFA U21 Championship these past two weeks.


Half-way between Germany and Sweden both geographically and culturally, close enough to London and the continent, yet far enough away to dance to its own Viking beat, this seems as close as it gets to a model country.


Add to that the high quality of life and standard of living and a most liveable capital in ‘wonderful, wonderful’ Copenhagen – it is just the sort of place FIFA should relocate to. After such an annus horribilis in Zurich, surely it is time to start afresh in pastures new.


Like Switzerland, Denmark is small and manageable – only five million inhabitants, and it makes some sense for FIFA not be working in the glare of a major football nation. A location near the heart of Europe is useful from a travel perspective, so the obvious candidates for a FIFA house-move would be Belgium (already home to the EU & NATO), Denmark or Luxembourg.


Here really would be ideal: Denmark is Togel Hongkong civilised and peaceful; it might not have the Alpine majesty of Switzerland – much of Denmark is flat or gently rolling farmland, although unlike that country, it does have a large and beguiling coastline, tranquil islands and plenty of Nordic gods and goddesses gliding by on bicycles. But more importantly it has cultivated a reputation for honesty and transparency which the sport’s governing body desperately needs in 2011.


This is no Hans Christian Andersen fairy story: Any visit proves how socialism and capitalism can blend successfully. It might be known for a robust welfare state with a top tax …

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Fifa World Rankings r Qq Poker Online May 2008



The top fifteen teams are unchanged in this month’s Fifa world rankings.


Argentina are still top followed by Brazil, Italy and Spain. England remain in 11th place, despite a friendly defeat in France, Scotland stay at 15th and the USA remain in 21st.


With Euro 2008 to kick off in June, of the 16 teams taking part 15 are in the top 50, the only exception being co-hosts Austria way down in 101st position.


Italy are the highest ranked at 3rd, followed by Spain 4th, Qq Poker Online Germany 5th, Czech Republic 6th, France 7th, Greece 8th, Portugal 9th, Netherlands 10th, Romania 12th, Croatia 13th, Sweden 23rd, Turkey 25th, Russia 25th, Poland 27th, Switzerland 48th and Austria 101st.


The closeness of the ranking shows what a tight tournament lays in store. We are putting our money on Italy.


Weekend Tips / A Lazy ‘Worst Of’ Compilation


Saying goodbye to the football season is very much like giving birth to a ginger child: after nine months of optimism, hope and anguish, you’re left with a genuine feeling of disappointment.


The final day is often emotional. Who could forget Arsenal pipping Liverpool to the title in 1989? Well sadly, my old man. In fact, if you see a small befuddled pensioner roaming the streets, you’ll be better off avoiding football trivia altogether; senility is no picnic.


I’m absolutely devastated that I have to work on Sunday as the drama unfolds. The gaffer has offered me double time and a day in lieu though, which I’m reasonably happy with; but it hasn’t gone down too well with Louise.


Lou hasn’t been this upset since Liverpool were beaten by Chelsea in the Champions League semi-final. Liverpool supporters are like Paul McCartney on his …

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Final Day Politics – Selection Situs Judi Qq headaches for Ferguson and co



The final day of the season is almost upon us and for many players and managers it will merely be a prelude to a more significant event, such as a cup final or a summer holiday. However for those involved at Newcastle United, Hull City and Sunderland it could represent the most important moment of their careers.


Inevitably, this contrast in attitudes causes significant problems. Almost every season a relegated side complains about a supposed lack of effort from a team they had hoped would do them a favour. Yet there are two sides to every story and how Situs Judi Qq can Manchester United possibly justify fielding a full strength side against Hull, with a Champions League final to play just 3 days later?


The fact of the matter is that for United and Chelsea (who play Sunderland a few days before the FA Cup final) this is a no-win situation. If they play their first choice 11 they risk injuries to key players but if they play a weakened side and lose they will not only be heavily criticised but could even face legal action according to some reports.


Paragraph E20 of the Premier League rules states: “in every league match each participating club should field a full strength team”. However this rule has never been used as the basis for a legal battle before and spokespeople for Newcastle and Middlesbrough have since denied the claims.


Whilst it is clear that certain final day fixtures may be more favourable than others, one game does not relegate a team. With current points totals of 34, 35 and 36, the team that is relegated on Sunday will undoubtedly be the team that deserves to go. To acknowledge that point would ensure that, if nothing …

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Nagoya Grampus hoping to make Togel Singapore history



When infielder Masahiko Morino popped up a sacrifice fly to edge Chunichi Dragons past Yokohama Baystars and into first place in Nippon Professional Baseball’s Central League overnight, he ensured Nagoya’s two major sporting teams currently top their respective leagues.


The Dragons last won the Japan Series in 2007, in a year in which their footballing counterparts struggled to make an impact – ultimately limping into a miserable eleventh-placed finish in the J. League.


Much has changed since then, with Nagoya Grampus dropping the “Eight” from their name and appointing legendary former midfielder Dragan Stojkovic as coach in January 2008. His team has been on an upward trajectory ever since, and Nagoya residents are now dreaming of an unlikely double for their baseball and football stars.


The J. League resumes this weekend with Grampus Togel Singapore facing an uncomfortable trip north to the rugged, rural hills of Yamagata, and Stojkovic will be desperate to see his side add to the 14 victories they’ve claimed from 21 league games played so far.


But despite their lofty position in the table, it’s difficult to envisage Nagoya Grampus as the best team in Japan. They may have won 14 times already, but they’ve lost virtually every marquee fixture they’ve played.


A 3-2 home defeat to Kawasaki Frontale was replicated by a 2-1 defeat on the road at Urawa Reds, and when Nagoya hosted defending champions Kashima Antlers, the Ibaraki side crushed Stojkovic’s men 4-1. A subsequent trip to Todoroki Stadium saw Kawasaki swat them aside in a humiliating 4-0 loss, and Nagoya thrice gave up the lead in a pulsating 3-3 draw with Tokai rivals Shimizu S-Pulse.


Worse yet for Nagoya fans, they still have big guns Shimizu S-Pulse and Kashima Antlers to face again, while …

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Playing Instant Togel Singapore VS Download Casino




The difference between instant and download casinos is inherent in the names for each. With an instant casino like the ones offered by All Slots Casino, you can play instantly. Instant casinos are usually accessed through mediums like Adobe Flash, Java or even simple HTML, whereas download casinos consist of programs that you have to download to your computer in order to play. This simple distinction imparts a significant difference to the gaming experience for each casino type for a number of reasons.


An Instant Casino is Faster

First and foremost, the fact that instant casinos such as All Slots Casino offer a faster gaming experience cannot be overlooked. Indeed, they are faster in nearly every way. Most of the time, people want to try out a casino before they decide to play at it regularly. When you want to try out an instant casino to see if you like it, all you have to do is log in to the Flash or Java app and start playing. To try out a download casino, you may have to spend up to 30 minutes or even an hour, depending on your connection speed, while the program downloads and installs itself to your computer. Because your download casino is stored on your computer, it takes up space, which tends to slow your computer down. While your download casino is open, you can’t do other things as quickly. While a Flash app only takes up one window in your internet browser, an entire program ties up significantly more processing power.


An Instant Casinos is Safer

When you have to download a program to sit on your computer, your internet security is slightly more compromised. While All Slots and other upstanding gaming companies do not condone this practice, there …

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Play in our Bingo Cruise Contest to win the journey of a lifetime


Are you ready for the journey of a life time?  Then set sail with us and join the Titan Bingo Cruise contest for your chance to win one of three exclusive, all-inclusive £12,000 bingo playing holiday packages. Destination – the Caribbean!


This dream vacation begins in Miami, and continues on to Cozumel (Mexico), the Cayman Islands, and finally Jamaica, before docking back in Miami.  Beyond fabulous sight-seeing, you will be partaking in exciting bingo tournament play, with a prize total of $80,000 just waiting to be won.


Having started on January 1st, 2010 and ending on June 30th, the contest is almost halfway through, but it’s not too late to enter.


So what do you have to do in order to get aboard the infamous Bingo Cruise?


It’s simple.  Just purchase as many tickets as you can for our special Bingo Cruise games. The top 20 players at the end of each month (i.e. those with the most togel singapore games purchased/played) are then entered in the Titan Bingo Hall of Fame, thereby earning you the right to compete head-to-head with other top winners in the final play-off game this June.


The game schedule to qualify for the Bingo Cruise is as follows: from 10AM – 11AM in the Cloud Nine bingo hall, 2PM – 3PM in the Velvet Lounge, 6PM – 7PM in the Royal Court, and 9PM – 10PM in the Barmy Club.




Play Ultimate Fighters for the ultimate slot playing win


At Titan Casino, we love it when a player wins big, and that’s exactly what Francesco D of Italy did on March 17th when he …

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Everything You Need To Know How to Access Togel Hongkong Ufabet on Mobile



Thailand is a beautiful place to explore that is amidst lush green jungles, serene beaches and many more exotic locations that promise adventure. Want to enter into one of its gambling sites. Then you must join Ufabet that is most popular and secure website to enter into the gambling industry packed full of adventure. Play unlimited online casino games, slot machines, lottery, sic bo, roulette or baccarat games that are world-famous and promise you lot of fun. Though there are many other gambling sites online accessible in Thailand, this one is ready to stream even on mobile without the need of downloading the app. Use any of your iOS or Android portable device to invite your friends and enjoy playing with them as สมัครเล่นบาคาร่า allows you to earn real money betting on your favourite games. For further information, you can visit its official website or reach its CS team who are working 24/7 to assist their clients without rest in 365 days. Also, leverage Line App and QR codes that are scannable to access even its entrance Ufa656 website.


Few things which every player need to know when using their mobile to play Ufabet games:


  1. Create an account on this website to bet on its various casino games and gain the confidence to win its exciting games to make best out of the invested amount. Become an Ufabet player as this website is one of the most trendings in the market for offering unbeatable services for 365 days. Yes, you heard, right! It has a very dedicated customer support team who are efficient and reliable to deal with any sensitive issue of their clients while gambling online be it how to play the game or performing transactions.


  1. Ufabet is also available now to gamble online
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Although gambling was prohibited in China throughout much of its history, it was nevertheless fairly widespread. Gambling was especially concentrated in the coastal regions under the Qing dynasty. The coastal areas were also the foreign concessions of Canton, Shanghai, Hong Kong, and Macao. It goes without saying that the Chinese were not the only ones gambling in these areas. An observer traveling in the opening years of the 20th Century noted, of the westerners in China, that they were Profane, intemperate, immoral, not living among the Chinese, but segregating themselves in foreign communities in the treaty ports, not speaking the Chinese language, frequently beating and cursing those who are in their employ, regarding the Chinese with hatred and contempt,–it is no wonder that they are hated in return and that their conduct has done much to justify the Chinese distrust of the foreigner. The foreign settlements in the port cities of China are notorious for their profligacy. Intemperance and immorality, gambling and Sabbath desecration run riot.


And so it was in these cantonments, where for a long time no women were allowed to live, that foreign sailors and mercenaries and Chinese coolies shared together a common passion: gambling.


In Shanghai, gambling remained illegal and powerful gangs grew up to control the sport. 1930s Shanghai makes Al Capone’s Chicago look like a tame place. The opium dens, gambling hells, and brothels continued to do a terrific business until the Communists took over, at which point they were all shut down, making Shanghai a much safer place in the bargain. Macao, on the other hand, run by the Portugese and thus out of China’s control, decided to legalize gambling in the mid 1800’s and never looked back. As a result of being the only legal harbour for gambling, …

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Prediksi judi bola Togel Hongkong Chelsea vs Liverpool



Pada pekan saat ini di Liga Premier Inggris bakal menyusun rivalitas yg paling seru & memikat & terbilang duel Big Match, dimana team yg hendak berlaga ialah kru Chelsea yg bakal menghadang kesebelasan Liverpool. Pada kompetisi ke-2 pasukan kali ini kru Chelsea akan bertindak sejajar tim tuan rumah, serta duel kali tersebut hendak berjalan pada 9 Desember 2013 di Stamford Bridge London.test1


Chelsea pasti amat mencita-citakan angka maksimum di dalam pertarungan kali ini, sebab pada keuntungan di dalam duel kesempatan ini akan dapat memproduksi kru Chelsea berada 3 gede klasemen. Yang mana ketika ini berada di kondisi 4 klasemen hanya terpaut 2 angka atas club Liverpool dipuncak klasemen, pada kriteria team yg cukup bagus pasti akan sebagai modal besar buat bisa menekuk kru tamu di duel kesempatan ini.


Liverpool dengan kondisi kesebelasan detik ini sedang onfire tentu akan bergerak keras utk mampu menekuk pasukan tuan rumah, selain itu tentu pada rangsangan besar para tokoh hendak main total dalam pertandingan ini. Pada kelebihan saat ini tentu akan bisa memproduksi club Liverpool langsung tegar dipuncak klasemen, dan tentunya di dalam kompetisi kesempatan ini tim Liverpool akan terlihat optimis di pertarungan tandang kesempatan itu.


pasti saat duel saat ini akan sukar sekali pastikan kesebelasan mana yang akan bisa memimpin pertandingan, sebab memandang dr Togel Hongkong kedua tim yg sama-sama cukup kuat. Dan pastinya bakal memproduksi kompetisi kali tersebut bakal berjalan dengan irama sajian yg cukup tinggi, tetapi pasti di laga ini yang peluang besar menang team Liverpool memandang dr prestasi tim yg kian bagus sampai pekan kesempatan ini.


Perkiraan Susunan Pemain Chelsea vs Liverpool:


Chelsea : Ivanovic, Luiz, Cole, Cech, John Terry, Mikel, Ramires, Hazard, Mata, Oscar, Torres.


Liverpool : Jones, Johnson, Gerrard, Skrtel, Agger, Enrique, Downing, Lucas, Coutinho, Suarez, Sturridge.


Prediksi skor pertandingan …

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New Judi Online Games At Pokerstars – Courchevel & 5 Card Omaha



Pokerstars has once again added some new card games to their already extensive selection.  Courchevel poker & 5 Card Omaha were recently added to the Poker Stars software. These two games are variants of Omaha poker and they are almost identical. The only difference between 5 Card Omaha poker and Courchevel is that the first of five community cards is flipped face up before betting. It makes me wonder why Pokerstars didn’t just pick one or the other.  Just like regular Omaha poker there are tables for 5 Card Omaha and 5 Card Omaha Hi Lo. The same is true for the other game: Courchevel and Courchevel Hi Lo. Online poker players at already seem to have picked which new card game they prefer as there are more active real money 5 Card Omaha and 5 Card Omaha Hi Lo tables running right now than real money Courchevel games. In fact, the Courchevel cash game tables and even the play money tables are empty. It would not surprise me if Poker Stars removed Courchevel and decided to run with Five Card Omaha.


Full Tilt Poker and Pokerstars are both owned by the Rational Group. They have kept Fulltilt separate from Pokerstars but players can send money between the two rooms. Full Tilt Poker also offers these two new games plus you can now play Irish poker at Full Tilt Poker. Pokerstars does not offer Irish poker at the time of this posting but that could change in the coming weeks.


US players at Judi Online Pokerstars cannot play for real money in 2013 so that is unfortunate because I would love to play both 5 Card Omaha and Courchevel. Here is an overview of the options for playing Courchevel at 5 Card Omaha …

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