2 Player Poker Online

If you’re looking to try 2 player poker online, you’ll find that the games are quite similar to the original. In this game, one player serves as the dealer, while the other is known as the big blind. The two players take turns dealing cards, with the smaller player being the dealer and the bigger player acting as the big blind. The small blind receives the first card, and the dealer plays the hand after the flop.


When playing heads-up poker, the value of marginal hands goes up significantly. A pair of threes is a strong hand that will win the showdown. However, a high-card Ace will often pay off in a heads-up game. To keep yourself from becoming a casual victim of your opponent’s bad hands, it is important to bet frequently. Otherwise, you might be rewarded for your bluffs.

Marginal hand

When playing heads-up poker, your marginal hands will increase in value. A high-card Ace, 3rd pair, or aces will often win the hand at showdown. It’s important to bet often when you have a piece of the board or a credible bluff. If you’re not betting often, your opponents might be tempted to pay off with an inferior hand. But don’t forget to check the house’s house rules before you play the game!

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